Who is DeeDee?

DeeDee is Curricula's 5-year-old hacker prodigy. She lives in Curriculaville, appears across a variety of episodes, and is the mastermind behind Curricula's Phishing Simulator


When one of your employees falls for a simulated phishing attack, DeeDee is the hacker on the other end of the email, ready to report back to you. As your employees learn to Defend Against DeeDee, they actively become part of the story, and start to stay on the lookout for her mischievous messages!

This experience increases awareness by creating organic discussions around our characters that quickly become part of your company culture. 

Curricula CharactersWhile we have an array of wonderful characters occupying Curriculaville, it's no surprise DeeDee consistently steals the "Employee Favorite" vote amongst nearly every organization. 

DeeDee's role is to train your Learners using real-world phishing scenarios sent throughout the year. Customers utilize the "Defend Against DeeDee" campaign to promote phishing awareness and build a common theme among all of their employees.

Using our Security Awareness Training platform, your Learners will continuously discover new ways to defend against real-world phishing attacks. To get started using the platform, see our guide.