What to do if a learner can't see content

Sometimes a learner can't see an episode, a training, or can't access an assignment. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to potentially solve this.

Make sure the learner is logged into the correct account.

  • Verify that the learner is using the correct email address, and that the email address they are using is enrolled in a Curricula assignment
  • If you have open enrollment on, there is a chance they can log into Curricula, but will have no content available
  • If learners are added to assignments using automatic enrollment, it can take up to an hour for content to be assigned to a new learner
  • If you are using an access code for verification make sure they are using the correct, current code, with no added spaces or characters

Make sure the issue isn't local, by having them do the following:

  • Logout of the platform, clear the browser cache, then log back in. This will ensure the problem isn't due to their log in session
  • Log out of Curricula, close their browser, and and attempt to log in using a different browser. This will allow us to rule out the browser and extensions
  • Try to log in on another device, including mobile. This will will out anything on their local machine, including OS updates, internet issues (as long as the new device is on a different network), and other apps

Once all those steps are done make sure the issue isn't just their learner account:

  • As a Curricula admin, log into Curricula, and add yourself to the assignment in question. Then log out as an admin, and log in as a learner. If you can see the content, then we know the issue is isolated to their account.

If the learner still can't see the content, open a ticket with support

  • Please include the learner's email address, the assignment they can't access, and the results of the above steps
  • If possible, please include any screenshots of what the learner is seeing
  • You can open a ticket and include all this info by emailing us us at Support@Curricula.com