What does 'Compromised' mean?

Compromised’ is one of the possible results of a Curricula phishing test.   

Learners become compromised when they fall for a phishing attempt.  

In a Click-only phishing scenario, the Learner becomes compromised after clicking on the simulated malicious link in the campaign email. In a ‘Landing Page’ scenario, however, Learners only become compromised after clicking on the email link and then interacting with the landing page.  

Once compromised, Learners will be directed immediately to Curricula’s Recovery Training, a brief module reminding Learners how to avoid falling for future campaigns or, worse, real-world phishing threats.  

Curricula platform managers can track Learners who have become compromised during phishing campaigns at either the campaign level or as a part of an annual summary.     

See Phishing Overview for more information on tracking compromised Learners. For instructions on launching a campaign, see Creating a Phishing Campaign.    

If you have any questions about creating a schedule or need technical assistance, you can use the link below to submit a support ticket.