Syncing Options

This article describes the configuration options available that will govern any syncing of users (which we call Learners) between your management system resource and Curricula. After connecting a Curricula learner group to your company’s Google Directory, LDAP, Okta, or Microsoft Graph account, you will now configure your preferences for how often syncs occur and what specific learner data will be imported into your Curricula group.  

There are three sections to review and configure before initiating a sync.  

Locate and Identify the Group you want to sync

1. Log into as the domain administrator

2. Select the Settings button in the top banner 

3. Select Learners in the menu on the left

4. Scroll down to the group you wish to sync and select the Edit button

5. Select the Management tab

6. Next to Management Type use the drop down to select LDAP, Okta, Google Directory, or Microsoft Graph then proceed to Section 1. 

Section 1: Automated Sync

First, you need to decide how often Curricula will sync learners from your resource. Use the Automated Sync drop-down to choose between:  

Never - Curricula will not initiate regular automatic syncs. You will need to run manual syncs to update data if you choose this option.  


Nightly - Curricula will sync with your directory service once per day, at approximately 4:00 AM EST, to make sure learner data is always up to date.  

SYNC 1   

Section 2: Syncable Attributes

After setting your preference for automated syncs between Curricula and your resource, next you will need to decide the specific learner information to include in these syncs. Under the Syncable Attributes section headings, check the boxes beside the data items your resource will share with the Curricula learner group during syncs. Your options include:  

First Name - Learner's first name.

Last Name - Learner's last name.

Employee ID - Learner's employee ID.

Department - Learner's department.

Status - Learner's status (Enable/Disable access to Curricula platform).  


Section 3: Advanced

Before completing the process and running a sync, you can also configure learner statuses and department groupings between your resource and Curricula. Enable the fields listed under the Advanced section by checking their respective boxes. Options in this section include: 

Set present learners to"Active" status. - By enabling this setting, Curricula will ignore your resource’s“status” field when syncing users. Any users present in your resource will be set to“Active” status in the Curricula app after the sync is complete.  

Set non-present learners to"Inactive" status. - This setting, when enabled, will also instruct Curricula to ignore the“status” field in your resource when syncing users. Users already present in the Curricula app will be set to“Inactive” status in our app if they are not present in your resource after the sync is complete.  

Create Departments as needed. - This option will create departments in Curricula, as needed when synced learners possess a department label in your resource that does not already exist in your Curricula account.   

Note: All syncing is done with a"create or update only" approach, meaning, regardless of what your resource passes to Curricula after a sync, our service will not“delete” any related resource in the app. For example, if your Curricula learner group has existing learners inside it and you sync with a resource that has zero users, we will not remove any learners from Curricula. Instead, depending on your Advanced sync settings, existing learners in that group will either experience no change or be set to “Inactive” status.  


After completing Sections 1-3 to set your sync configurations, you can now click the Manual Sync… button beneath the Advanced section to sync your learners from your resource to Curricula.   

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