Slack Integration

Instructions on integrating Curricula for Curricula

This feature will let you send Assignment and Phishing notifications to your learners via Slack, either instead of, or in addition to email notifications. When Learners receive a notification from the Curricula platform to take their training, they will be notified and sent a message via Slack.



Your learners email addresses must be the same in both Curricula and Slack

You must be a Slack admin, and signed into Slack

You must be a Curricula admin


Step 1:

Navigate to your admin account at

Settings > Integrations > External Apps

Click Connect Slack Account


Step 2:

Connect Curricula to Slack, by clicking “Allow”

Step 3:

Choose your options:

“Send Assignment and Phishing Notifications Through Slack” - This will allow notifications to come through Slack. Turn this off if you do not want learners to receive any notifications through Slack. If no Slack user is found that matches the learners email address, an email notification will be sent instead.

“Also Send Notifications Via Email” - This will force Curricula to always send notifications via email along with Slack. 



Can I use Slack to send simulated phishing attempts?

-No, since Slack is a closed environment, the odds of being phished there are very low. We believe it is better to focus on more likely avenues, like email

Will my admin notifications come through Slack?

-Not at this time, this is only intended for learner notifications

My Company wants to use Slack for notifications, but I am not a Slack admin. How can I set this up?

-We would recommend making your Slack admin a Curricula admin, so they can connect the two services. Instructions on doing so can be found here: