To reach these report options, navigate to the Phishing tab and click Details on the campaign you want reports for

The summary shows you an overview with averages for Click Rate, Compromise Rate, and Breach Time. The goal is to reduce the click and compromise rates and increase the breach time. Or better yet, your employees become better educated and don’t allow a phishing email to live on your system!

The Click Rate is the average of all employees that have clicked on your campaigns.

The Compromise Rate is the percentage of employees that completely engaged with a campaign, such as clicking a link and then filling out a form.

The Breach Time is an average of how quickly your organization was exposed by all phishing simulations.

Filter Phishing attempts on Learners by clicked, compromised, bounced email, or search for tags.

See the metrics of your campaign with respects to all Learners involved


Another essential feature is that when you go to the Reports for the phishing campaign, you can download a summary and a spreadsheet to represent the data from a phishing attempt better.

The Summary gives you a graphical and textual representation of what is viewable in the platform but put in a friendlier format. However, it does not give you details on who was compromised and when. It tells you how many were compromised and how long it took compared to the total amount of emails sent.

The Attempt Spreadsheet compresses all of that logically in an Excel format. You can use that to create graphs, charts, or any other way you wish to present the data. Mostly, the Summary does that for you