Okta Integration

This article describes how you can manage your Curricula learners through integration with your company’s Okta account. Establishing a sync between Curricula and your Okta server is a two step process, with an optional third step should you choose to sync only a portion of your users from your Okta account. (To limit your sync to a portion of your Okta list, see the Okta Group Sync (Optional) section below.  

Step 1: Create an Okta API Token

First, you will need to go to your Okta account to create a valid API token. You will enter this token, along with your organization’s Okta Domain, into the Curricula app in Step 2.  

To create a valid Okta API token:

  1. Sign into your Okta account and navigate to Security->API.
  2. Click "Create Token" and give it a Curricula related name, for example, "Curricula Integration".
  3. You will then be presented with a unique API token value. Copy this and store it temporarily.
Note: This API Token will“Expire” on the date and time listed. If the token expires before completing the steps below, you will need to renew it to maintain a connection between your Okta account and Curricula.

Step 2: Configure Your Okta Account in Curricula

Next, you will need to enter your organization’s Okta domain and API token into your Curricula group’s settings and test the connection.  

Follow the steps below to configure your Okta account in the Curricula app:

  1. Sign into your Curricula admin account and navigate to Settings --> Learners --> Groups --> [Group Name] --> Management. Select "Okta" as the management type from the Learner Management drop-down and click "Update".

    Okta Integ 1
  2. Navigate to the “Okta Configuration” section and enter your Okta domain into the "Domain" field. Your domain is the name you use to sign into your Okta account. For example, "your-company.okta.com".
  3. Paste your Okta API token you stored temporarily into this "Token" field and click "Update". 
    Okta 3
  4. Click "Test Connection" to confirm everything is working.
Once your connection is successful, head over to the Syncing Options article to configure your sync settings and run your initial sync.

Okta Group Sync (Optional)

If you rather sync only a portion of the users from your Okta account with your Curricula group, you can do so by using the Okta“Groups” feature. Create this designated group in your Okta account, then enter that group’s ID into Curricula’s“Okta Configuration” section discussed in Step 2.  

To add an Okta group to your Curricula configuration:

  1. Sign into your Okta account and navigate to Directory->Groups.
  2. Click "Add Group" and give it a name/description. For example, "Security Training".
  3. Click on the newly created group's name then click "Manage People"  — from here you can add any users you want to the group.
  4. Next copy the Okta group ID. You can find this ID by clicking on your browser's URL field and looking for the last portion of the address while on the group editor page. For example, "https://your-company.okta.com/admin/group/[your-group-id]".
  5. Lastly, sign into your Curricula admin account, go to the “Okta Configuration” section of your group’s management settings, and paste the IP into the "Okta Group ID" field. Now only users who are inside this Okta group will be synced with Curricula.
 Okta 5
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