Microsoft's Reporting Feature/Button Guide

This guide will walk you though setting up and adjusting the function of Microsofts Reporting Feature/Button to send Phishing attempts to Curricula.

Step 1. Creating a Contact in the Exchange Admin Center (EAC)

Sign into Microsofts Exchange Admin Center

  1. Select Contacts under the Recipients section
  2. Click the “+Add a contact” button
  3. In the contact fields add the following information

  4.  Click Save


Step 2. Create a shared mailbox

Shared Mailboxes do not use or require a license.

  1. Select Mailboxes under the Recipients section
  2. Click the Add a shared mailbox button
  3. In the Shared Mailbox fields add the following
  • Display Name : Reporting

  • Email address : Reporting

  • @ : Use the Select Domain drop down to select your domain.

  4.  Click Create.

Shared Mailbox Create

Step 3. Hide the shared mailbox from the (GAL) Global Address List

Hiding the address from the (GAL) prevents this address from displaying in the (GAL) for employees.

  1. Select the Share Mailbox that was created in Step 2

  2. Click the Hide from address list button

  3. Toggle the option from Off to On

  4. Select Save

    HIde from Gal

Step 4. Set up Forwarding on the Shared Mailbox to the Contact

Now that you have a Contact and a Shared Mailbox created, we need to set up forwarding on the shared mailbox to send email to the contact.

  1. Click on the Shared Mailbox you created to bring up a Settings Menu
  2. Select Manage mail flow settings

Mail flow settings

  3.   Select Edit next to Email Forwarding

Edit - forwarding

  4.   Toggle “Forward all emails sent to this mailbox to ON

  5.   Enter the Contact address

  6.   If you want to keep a copy email that is Reported to Curricula for reporting, Toggle this

option to ON

  7.   Click Save

Email Forwarding toggles

Step 5. Microsofts Reporting Button in Microsoft Defender

This covers setting up Microsofts Reporting button and adjusting the functionality. This will forward email directly to Curricula and not to Microsoft. This prevents Microsoft from running additional scanning on the email which Triggers Recurring training on Phishing email.

Sign in to Microsoft 365 Defender portal

  1. Scroll down and expand Email & collaboration
  2. Select Policies & rules
  3. Select Threat policies in the list

Step 123

  4.   Scroll down to Others section and select User reported message settings

User Report Message Settings 4

  5.   Toggle the Microsoft Outlook Report Message button to ON

  6.   Check the box next to My organization’s mailbox

  7.   In the email address field put in the Shared mailbox Email address that was created earlier. It would be something like

  8.   Uncheck the box for Let users choose if they want to report

User Submissions 5-8

  9.   Scroll down and Toggle OFF the quarantine report message button

  10.  Select Save

user submission 9-10

Step 6. Configure Reporting with in Curricula

  1. Log into Curricula as the domain administrator

  2. Select Settings at the top of the page

  3. Select Phishing in the left menu

    Curricula 23

  4. Scroll down to Report Phishing Services and enter the Shared Mailbox address created in Step 2. It would be something like

  5. Click Update

    Curricula Step 45

This Concludes setting up a Reporting button with in Microsoft and Reporting feature to Curricula. If you would like to learn more about Curricula’s Phishing and Reports please check out our guide. If you run into any issues or have any questions please feel free to reach out to Curricula’s Support department via