Managing Your Curricula Account

The ‘Settings’ section of Curricula is for accessing and managing your Account Panel.  

Here, you have access to edit core settings like adding Managers, updating Departments and Tags, editing Learner Authentication. You can also view pertinent information for Whitelisting.   

To navigate to your Account Panel, select ‘Settings’ in the top navigation bar.  



Within your Settings, you'll see a vertical menu on the left-hand side of your screen where you can manage your Admins, Learner Settings, Assignment Settings, Phishing Settings and Billing Plans and view your Invoices.

MYCA Vert menu settings

Account Profile

Within the ‘Profile’ section of your Account Panel, you’ll see an Account Overview on the ‘General’ tab that displays your total License Count.    

Within the Profile section, you can update your unique Admin information (password and email address) and enable or disable Two-Factor Authentication for your personal Admin account.  

Account Admins

Admins are Managers who are in control of updating the Curricula platform and have the same permissions as the main Admin. They can manage and edit Learners and Groups, create Episode Schedules and create Phishing Campaigns, and edit all settings within the platform.   

Within the ‘Managers’ section of your Account Panel, you can add and edit your organization’s Managers (Admins) and also update Two-Factor Authentication for all managers to keep your instance of Curricula secure.

MYCA Admin Profile


Adding Admin Managers

Admin Managers can be added within the Settings section by navigating to the ‘Admins’ tab, then clicking the purple ‘Create Admin’ button. 

Input their company email address, and select the 'Send Welcome email notification' checkbox to prompt them to complete their account setup. 

MYCA Create Admin 1

MYCA Create Admin 2

Admin Managers have the same permissions as the first Admin and are a great asset to large teams. They can view Dashboards, build and download Detailed Reports, and help manage your Curricula Security Awareness Training.


From the ‘Settings’ section, you can make pertinent updates to your Learners, Departments and Tags, Phishing Recovery Training, and access important Whitelisting information.  

When navigating to the ‘Settings’ section, you’ll notice three options: Learners, Assignments and Phishing.  

MYCA Settings Vertical

'Learner' Tab

In the ‘Learner' section, you'll see an overview of your Departments, Tags and Groups. You'll be able to create, edit or delete your Departments, Tags and Groups from this section

MYCA Learner Tab Edit Delete


Creating Departments and Tags

To create a new Department or Tag, select the purple 'Create Department' or 'Create Tag' button and you can begin typing in the pop-up text box and select 'Create' once you've entered in your specific Department or Tag.

MYCA Learner create dept

For both Departments and Tags, renaming or removing items from your existing list is simple. To update the name of an existing Department or Tag, simply select ‘Edit’ beside the item you wish to update. To delete an existing Department or Tag, select ‘Delete’ beside the item you wish to remove. 

MYCA Learner Dept Edit Delete

'Assignments' Tab

Within the ‘Assignments’ tab of your Account Settings, you can access and set the Reporting, Navigation and Notification defaults for your Assignments. These settings can be overridden when creating a new assignment.

MYCA Assignments

Reporting Defaults

Under Reporting Defaults, set the default score Learners will be required to achieve to pass a training episode.

MYCA Assignment Reporting Defaults

Navigation Defaults

Under Navigation Defaults, you can control how Learners are able to access and view upcoming training episodes.

  MYCA Assignments Navi Defaults

Notification Defaults

Under Notification Defaults, you can set the custom messages that Learners receive for various notifications, such as new Assignment Enrollment and Content Reminders. You can also set the default schedule for Content Reminders.

MYCA Assignments Enroll Notif 1  

MYCA Assignments Enroll Notif 2-1

'Phishing' Tab

Within the ‘Phishing’ tab of your Account Panel Settings, you can access Curricula’s Admin settings pertaining to our Phishing Simulator. 

At the top of the 'Phishing' tab, you’ll see a full list of email addresses and domains to Whitelist.

Be sure to check out the Whitelisting section of our Help Center to configure your ESP to accept Phishing Campaigns from Curricula! 

MYCA Settings Phishing  

Recovery Training Reminders

The next setting you can edit from the ‘Phishing’ tab is Recovery Training Reminders.

If you have Recovery Training enabled, once a Learner has engaged with a Phishing Campaign, enabling Reminders will send emails notifying the Learner they need to complete Recovery Training to continue learning with Curricula. 

We recommend enabling this function to include at least 1 Recovery Training Reminder email.

MYCA Settings Phish Rec Train Rem  

Report Phishing Service

Next, if you’re a GSuite user, another item you can edit within the ‘Phishing’ tab is your custom Report Phishing Service email address

If you’re not a GSuite user, you can still take advantage of this awesome feature! Click here to learn more. 

MYCA Phishing Report Phish Serv

Phishing Contact

The last function you can edit within the ‘Phishing’ tab is your Phishing Contact.

In these fields, be sure to add the contact information for the inbox where your Learners should forward malicious emails. 

MYCA Phish Contact

If you have any questions about the Account Settings or need technical assistance, you can use the link below to submit a support ticket: