Referring a Customer

Want to partner with Curricula, but don’t have time to onboard, support, bill, and manage customers? Referral Partners can refer partners Curricula and earn a profit.

How to Refer a Customer

Referral Partners will have access to a 'Referral' tab located right next 'Accounts'.

Referral Partners have a unique 'Partner Link' to send out to referrals. They can also include a 'Return URL' to direct the referral to their company website or a landing page upon completion. You will be table to track all referrals from your dashboard.


The link will direct the referral organization to a landing page requesting some contact information. Once the referral has signed up, a member of the Curricula team will reach out to them to start the conversation and assess their needs.


Please Note: If you refer a customer and they do not sign up for Curricula through your 'Partner Link', you must contact your Channel Account Manager and provide documentation that you referred the customer prior to them initiating contact with Curricula.

Interested in becoming a Referral Partner? Contact