How to Preview Curricula Episodes

One of the best ways to ensure your security awareness training with Curricula will be effective is by previewing episodes before setting a training schedule for learners. By first previewing episodes, platform admins will be able to develop a better sense of which topics are more relevant to their organizations and set their training schedules accordingly. 
Curricula admins can preview episodes from two places in the in the admin platform: the 'Library' tab and the 'Assignments' tab.
Previewing Episodes from the 'Library' tab

After logging into the admin platform, simply select the 'Library' tab, scroll to the 'Episodes' section, and select the episode you wish to preview. 

Preview Episodes 1
Preview Episodes 2
If the episode you are looking for does not appear in the initial list, click the purple 'View All' button at the bottom of the section to see the full episode catalog.

Preview Episodes 3

Episodes previewed from the 'Library' tab will launch from the same browser window, so be sure to use your browser's back button to return to the admin platform when you are finished with the episode.

Previewing Episodes from the 'Assignments' Tab

Curricula admins can also preview episodes from the 'Assignments' tab as they are creating new or editing existing assignments. 

First, go to the 'Assignments' tab and select in-progress (existing) assignment, or click 'Create Assignment' and then select the draft of the new assignment from the list. Next, select the assignment's 'Content' tab and click the purple 'Add Content' button to find the full list of Curricula episodes.

Find the episode you want to preview from the list and click the green 'Preview' located under the episode's name and description.

Preview Episode 4

You can also preview episodes after adding them to your assignment's content tab by clicking on the preview icon (see screenshot below).

Preview Episode 5

By using the previewing options from the admin platform, admins can watch Curricula episodes without the system tracking analytics or reporting data. 
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