Google SSO for Curricula

This article outlines how to integrate Google SSO with Curricula to provide your learners a fast and secure way to access the Curricula Security Awareness Training platform. 


Create a Custom SAML app in G-Suite

1.  Log into your G-Suite admin account

2.  Select Apps dropdown then select Web and mobile apps

3.  Select the Add app dropdown then select Add custom SAML app

Google SSO 123

  4.  Under App name input “Curricula”

  5.  Add whatever description you prefer, in the screen shot we used “Sweet Training”

  6.  You can add an App icon if you like. The Curricula App Icon is provided below.


  7.  Click Continue

Google SSO 4567

  8.  Scroll down to Option 2: Copy the SSO URL, entity ID, and Certificate and Copy the Google SAML Certificate.

Google SSO 89

  9.  Click Continue then proceed to “Add App Credentials to Curricula”

Add App Credentials to Curricula

1.  Open a new tab and Log into your Curricula Admin account then navigate to the Settings tab

2.  Select Learners from the menu on the left then scroll down to the Groups section and click 'Edit' next to the group that you want to use SSO. Code Authentication 3.png?width=688&name=Access Code Authentication 3.png

3.  Select the Access tab, then next to the Authentication Type section, use the drop down under Type to select SAML Single Sign-on 2.png?width=688&name=Google 2.png

4.  Paste the Certificate you copied earlier in step 8 in the box “New identity Provider x.509 Certificate field, then click Update

Google SSO sub 45

  5.  Copy the URL under Service Provider Sign in URL (assertion) then head back to the Google App

  6.  Paste the URL copied from Curricula into the ACS URL and Entity ID fields

  7.  Under Name ID format use the drop down and select EMAIL

Google SSO sub 67

  8.   Click CONTINUE

  9.   We do not need to add any Attributes so click FINISH

  10.  In the Curricula APP screen, Click where it states OFF for everyone to change this to ON for everyone then click SAVE

Google SSO Sub 10

Now that you have successfully set up Curricula SAML, let’s test the configuration by signing in as a new user using the new Curricula SAML application.

Testing the Application

Any user in your organization can test by logging into their Google account then click the Google Menu (9 dots in the top right corner of the screen) to select the Curricula SSO/SAML icon to log directly into

Identity Provider Single Sign-on URL

Now we need to put that link into Curricula so your learners can log in through their notifications:

  1. Open the Google Menu (9 dots in the top right corner)
  2. Right click on the Curricula icon, and select "Copy Link Address"
  3. Paste that URL into the "Identity Provider Single Sign-on URL" field in Curricula
  4. Test sending yourself a notification, and verify that clicking the link now automatically logs you in to Curricula

Your Google SSO/SAML Curricula integration is now complete!

You can contact us anytime by submitting a support request using the link below: