Episode Notifications 101

With Curricula's varying Episode Notifications, you have multiple ways to interact with your Learners and prompt them to login to the Curricula platform and complete training.

If you'd like for Curricula to do the work for you, simply enable both New Episode Notifications and Episode Reminders, and Curricula will automatically send emails during the first week of every month that has scheduled training.

New Episode Notifications will be sent to all Learners during the first week of the month, even if they happened to complete training ahead of schedule - these are universal alerts to let everyone know new content is available. Episode Reminders will be sent only to those Learners who still have assigned training to complete, and will be delivered every week following the first week of the month - these are dynamic alerts that only notify Learners with incomplete episodes. 

New Episode Notifications

New episode notifications are a great way to announce new episodes. You can configure unique new episode notifications for each group under Groups, then choosing Settings>Notifications.

From there you can enable or disable notifications, configure when they are sent, who receives them, and optionally include a custom message to include in the email.

What is sent?

New episode notifications include details about episodes that launched that month, instructions on how to access the platform, and if enabled, a custom message from you. 

When are they sent?

If enabled, new episode notifications are automatically sent during the first week of the month, based on the weekday/hour you have configured. For example, a configuration set to Monday at 9AM will begin sending on the first Monday of the calendar month at 9AM. 

Note: If you missed the automated sending window for the month or have made schedule changes after the notifications were already sent, you can always manually push this notification at any time by clicking Manual Push from the configuration page.

Who receives them?

You can choose from two different types of recipients for new episode notifications, "Learner" or "Distribution List."

Learners - This option sends schedule notifications directly to the learners that are in this group.

Distribution List - This option allows you to add a custom email address, instead of sending it directly to learners in that group.

Episode Completion Notifications

Episode completion notifications are sent to learners after they have completed an episode.

What is sent?

A simple congratulations email pointing out the episode that was completed and a message letting them know they did a great job.

When are they sent?

This notification is sent when a learner reaches the end of a given episode (100% progress).

Who receives them?

Learners receive these notifications directly.

Episode Reminder Notifications

Episode reminders help boost engagement rates by reminding learners who haven't completed training episodes. You can configure unique completion reminders for each group under Groups>Settings>Notifications.

From there you can configure when reminders are sent and an optional custom message can be included in the email as well.

What is sent?

Episode reminders point out episodes that have been made available to the learner this year but have not been completed yet. They also include instructions on how to access the platform, and if enabled, a custom message from you. 

When are they sent?

If enabled, episode reminders are automatically sent throughout the month based on the weekday/hour schedule selected.

Note: You can always manually push this reminder at any time by clicking the Manual Push button from the configuration page.

Who receives them?

Learners who are in this group and haven't completed episodes that have been made available to them this year.

Note: Learners in this group that have completed all episodes made available to them this year, will not receive this reminder email whether it is sent automatically or manually pushed.Manual Push Notifications

Manual Push Notifications

To send a unique notification at a specific time, check out our FAQ article - Can I send a custom notification?

If you have any questions about Notifications or need technical assistance, you can use the link below to submit a support ticket.