Editing In-Progress Training Assignments

Curricula Assignments can be edited in a variety of ways after they have been created, even as learners are working through the episodes selected for them in a given assignment -- no need to cancel and create a new one from scratch. All changes made to in-progress assignments will update in real time.

This article will show what kinds of edits admins can make to a previously created training assignment, and how to go about making those changes.

How to Edit a Training Assignment's Content
The most common changes admin look to make to training assignments relate to the content (episodes) scheduled for their learners. Curricula adds multiple new episodes to the training catalog at various points during the year, and admins have the ability to add these new episodes to ongoing training assignments as needed.

To edit a training assignment's content, go to the 'Assignments' tab from the Curricula admin platform and select the appropriate assignment, then click on the assignment's 'Content' tab.

From there, admins can add more episodes to the assignment by clicking on the purple 'Add Content' button beneath the previously selected episodes.

The episode list will appear on your screen. Choose the episodes you wish to add to your assignment and then click on the 'Add ___ pieces of content' button at the bottom of the box. These newly selected episodes will populate under the 'Content' tab.

Edit Content 1

Admins can also make changes or customizations to the episodes selected for the assignment by clicking on the episode's settings icon (see screenshot below) and adjusting things like the minimum passing score, the episode's unlock date, or adding a policy link or security contact to appear at the end of the episode.

Edit Episode 2

Click 'Save' after making any changes. Then, on the 'Modify assignment content' box that will appear, review how these changes will affect the in-progress' assignment and finalize the changes by clicking the red 'Yes, modify content' button.

Edit Content 2

The assignment's content requirements will be updated immediately.

How to Edit a Training Assignment's Audience

Admins can also tweak the audience (or learners) enrolled in an assignment. Admins can enroll individual learners or segments of learners, manage the assignment's automatic enrollment settings (which determines how learners will be added to Curricula in the future will be added to ongoing training), or even unenroll learners from the training assignment.

Audience settings are managed under the assignment's 'Learners' tab. Learners already enrolled in the assignment will appear in a list view. Admins can use the 'Search learners' bar to filter the results shown by individual learner or by department.

Edit Audience 1
Admins can enroll learners in, or adjust enrollment settings of an in-progress assignment using the 'Enrollment' box located to the right of the learner list.

If you have added new learners to your Curricula program, you may need to enroll them manually into any in-progress training assignments they will be required to complete. Click the 'Manually Enroll Learners' button to begin adding those learners to the assignment.

Edit Audience 3

The 'Enroll Learners' screen will appear displaying the assignment's original audience settings. From here, admins will adjust those settings to target the new learners they want to enroll in the assignment. 

Edit Audience 5

'All Learners' will target any learner in your Curricula program, irrespective of their Group, Department, or Tag, to be added who is not currently enrolled in that particular assignment. If you will require every learner in your program to complete an assignment, selecting 'All Learners' will be the best option here.

On the other hand, if only a portion of your learners will be required to complete training, the 'Custom Segment' option will allow you to select learners for enrollment who belong to the same Curricula Group, or share the same Department or Tag label. Just select 'Add Condition' and use the drop-downs to specify which segment of learners you wish to enroll. You can also use 'Add Extra' to add or exclude individual learners.

Edit Audience 6

After configuring the enrollment settings to your needs, a purple 'Enroll __ Learners' will appear at the bottom of the screen indicating how many learners will be added to the assignment. 

Edit Audience 7

Click the button and those learners will be enrolled into the assignment immediately.

Another option to consider is enabling -- or adjusting -- the assignment's Automatic Enrollment settings so that the Curricula platform can take care of enrolling learners for you.

To enable or adjust an assignment's automatic enrollment settings, first check the box beside 'Automatic Enrollment' and then click the 'Manage Conditions' button below.

Edit Audience 8

Automatic enrollment uses the same settings options we just saw in the manually enrolling learners step. Based on how you would like Curricula to enroll new learners for you, configure the assignment's automatic enrollment settings either to 'All Learners' or a 'Custom Segment', and add any conditions or extra as needed.

When the settings are to your needs, click the purple 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen to complete the process.

Edit Audience 9

Admins can also manually unenrolled learners from the assignment from the list found under the 'Learners' tab. 

First, find the learner you wish to unenroll. Next, click the trashcan icon located to the right of the learner's status field.

Edit Audience 10

An 'Unenroll Learner?' box will appear. Click the red 'Yes, unenroll' button displayed below and the learner will be unenrolled from the assignment.

Edit Audience 2

How to Edit a Training Assignment's Settings

An assignment's settings can also be changed on the fly by going to its 'Settings' tab.

Edit Settings 1

Admins need only to navigate to the section of their choice -- Notifications, Dates, Settings, Name & Description -- and make any necessary updates. Be sure to click the purple 'Save' button that will appear directly below the field you have made a change to.

The final section under the 'Settings' tab, entitled 'Danger Zone', is where admins can go to cancel or even delete an assignment. If an admin cancels an assignment, learners will no longer see the episodes included in that assignment when they log in to complete training.

Danger Zone 1

To cancel an in-progress assignment, simply click the red 'Cancel' button and then click 'Yes, cancel this assignment' on the following box.

Danger Zone 2

Even after an assignment has been canceled, admins can return to the 'Danger Zone' section and either restore that assignment at a later date, or delete it entirely. 

Danger Zone 3

When an assignment is deleted, all completion records associated with that particular assignment will be deleted as well, and those cannot be restored after the fact.

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