Custom Content Scoring

A description of the optional weighing system used in custom content

When creating a new question in custom content, you'll have the ability to choose if a question effects the score, change a question's difficulty rating, and it's positive and negative weight.

"Scorable?" check box

Questions with this box unchecked will have no impact on the score. This is useful for things like opinions or surveys.

Difficulty input

This allows you to internally track difficulty levels of your questions. This does not effect scoring.

Positive and Negative Weight

By default all questions are weighted equal (3). For example, if you make a piece of custom content with 4 questions and user gets 1 of those questions wrong they will end up with a score of 75% (9 / 12 * 100 = 75).

However, if you wish to use the advanced scoring controls you can modify these weights which will change how scores are calculated. Using the example from above, imagine the question the learner answered wrong had the following weight:

Negative Weight = 5

Now instead of the learner getting a 75% they would get a 64% (9 / 14 * 100 = 64).

You can also effect how the question will positively effect the score by changing the Positive Weight. For example, imagine a piece of custom content with the following questions:

Question 1:
Positive Weight = 3
Negative Weight = 3

Question 2:
Positive Weight = 3
Negative Weight = 3

Question 3:
Positive Weight = 3
Negative Weight = 3

Question 4:
(This might be an extremely difficult question for most learner’s and you want to reward those who get it correct but don’t want to penalize all the learners that might get it wrong).
Positive Weight = 5
Negative Weight = 1

If a learner got the first answer wrong but the last 3 correct they would receive a 78%. (9/14 * 100 = 78).