What are the Curricula Partner Program options?

There are two options for the Curricula Partner Program: Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Referral Partner.

Managed Service Provider Partner Responsibilities


As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you are directly managing your customer's accounts. You're given access to the Curricula Partner dashboard and a Sandbox account for testing and learning about the platform. You can add one of your customers right from the dashboard and manage their account on their behalf.

On the 1st of every month, you'll receive a single invoice for all of the sub-accounts that you manage. It's important to know that each sub-account can be on different plans and have different license quantities. For example:

  • You can have one sub-account with 20 licenses on the Professional plan and another sub-account with 50 license on the Enterprise plan.

We will add up the total amount of licenses you are managing, and calculate your discount margin to apply to your invoice. The more licenses you manage, the larger your discount margin gets.

Remember: each sub-account is billed individually based of our pricing located at https://www.curricula.com/partners.


What is the MSP responsible for?
  • Creating and managing your customer's accounts on the Curricula portal
  • Adding and removing licenses as needed
  • Creating Assignments and scheduling fun content to train employees in the fight against DeeDee and other security threats
  • Using DeeDee and the Curricula Phishing Simulator to test your customers and identify potential risks
  • Building custom content for your customers using the Curricula Creator tool to deliver unique training
  • Delivering reporting to your customers directly
  • Marketing Curricula to your own audience of customers
  • Billing your customers for the service you provide

What is Curricula responsible for?

  • Curricula will assign a Channel Account Manager to every MSP to provide ongoing assistance and support
  • Curricula will send the MSP a monthly invoice, based on the total number of licenses being managed
  • Curricula will NOT market to or support any of your customers. Curricula will only support you as an MSP.

Referral Partner Responsibilities


The Referral Partner program is designed for our partners that don’t have the time to onboard, support, bill, and manage customers. This program is perfect for getting started quickly to send Curricula prospective customers. When a referral becomes a Curricula customer, Referral Partners will earn a recurring commission, as a long as the referral remains a Curricula customer.
What is the Referral Partner responsible for?
  • Just sharing your unique Partner Link!
  • Checking in with the Curricula team on referral opportunities
  • Getting interest from new referrals

What is Curricula responsible for?

  • Curricula takes care of demo presentations, follow-up, marketing, onboarding, billing and ongoing support.
  • If the referral signs up, Curricula will pay the Referral Partner a recurring commission for as long as the referral remains a customer.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your assigned Channel Account Manager or send an email to partners@curricula.com.