Creator FAQs

Learn how to create and manage your own custom content inside Curricula.

Curricula's new Content Creator, you can create your own eLearning content within your Curricula platform!

Q: How do I use it?

A: The Content Creator tool will allow you to create any E-Learning Training or Tools you'll need for your workforce from New Hire Onboarding, Sales Training Guides to Customer Service Training Manuals. Your options are limitless!

Q: How do I create my first course in Creator?

A: Please navigate to this article that will show you how to create your first course in Creator!

Q: Can I use a Video?

A: Absolutely! You can upload your own video files using .mov/.mp4 file. Integrations with Video hosted sites like Youtube and Vimeo will be available in the future. We will keep you up to date as these features become available.

Q: Can I use my own Images?

A: You will be able to upload any images in the Creator tool! 

Q: How do I Upgrade my Account to create more Content?

A: If you'd like to upgrade your Account from Pro to Enterprise, please use this link to submit a ticket and under "Issue" please state that you'd like to Upgrade your Account!

Q: Who can create Content on my account?

A: If you have an Enterprise Account with Curricula, you will have 3 dedicated Creator Admins for your Account. If you'd like to add more Creator Admins, please use this link to submit a ticket and under "Issue" please state that you'd like to Add Additional Creator Admins to your Account.

Q: How do I add my Content to Assignments?

A: After creating your first course in Creator and successfully publishing it, you will go to the Assignments Tab and Select from an 'Existing Assignment' or 'New' and you should see your Creator Content within the Content that you'd like to add to your Assignments.