Creating a Training Assignment

Creating an Assignment is simple, and one of the most fun aspects of Curricula!

The ‘Assignments’ tab is where you can design training for your learners, and choose when you want to launch episodes throughout the year. Keep in mind that training schedules are unique to each assignment.

How to Create a New Assignment 

To create a new Training Schedule, navigate to the ‘Assignments tab of the Curricula admin platform and click ‘Create Assignment to begin a new assignment. Give the new assignment a title and then select it from the list below (the new assignment will display the title you gave and include the word 'draft' in the top right corner).

New Assignment 1

New Assignment 2-1

The Assignment builder will have four steps to complete in order to create your new assignment.  

Step 1: Add Content

Begin by selecting the Content you want to include in the new assignment. 

Go to the 'Content' tab and click the 'Add Content' button in the middle of the screen. 

New Assignment 3

Scroll through the episode list and select the episode(s) you want to add to your new assignment. (Episodes can be previewed before adding them by clicking the ‘Preview button under the episode’s title and description.) Click 'Done' when you are finished adding episodes to your assignment.

Creating and Editing Training Schedules 2

Next, click the settings icon (see screenshot below) on any episodes you wish to customize. Episodes can be customized by setting a minimum passing score, selecting the month and day each episode will unlock for your learners to complete, and/or adding a company Policy Link or Security Contact to display at the end of the episode.

New Assignment 4

Finalize your content selections. Use the delete icon to remove any episode you do not wish to use. Click the ‘Add More Content’ button at the bottom to return to the episode list.

New Assignment 5

Step 2: Select Learners

Next, move to the 'Learners' tab to select the audience (i.e. learners) who will be responsible for completing the new assignment.  

Select ‘All Learners if the new assignment applies to everyone in your Curricula training program, regardless of their specific Group, Department, or Tag.  

New Assignment 6

If only a smaller segment of your learner base will be required to complete the new assignment, select ‘Custom Segment. From there either choose ‘Add Condition to assign this new training to learners belonging to a specific Group, Department, or Tag or ‘Add Extra to select learners individually.  

New Assignment 7

Curricula can also automatically enroll future learners into in-progress assignments as long as they belong to the audience selected for the assignment. To enable this, simply check the ‘Automatic Enrollment box.   

New Assignment 8

Step 3
: Customize Assignment Settings  

With the content and learners set, there are a few more important settings to complete before officially launching the new assignment.  

First, complete the ‘
Notifications section to ensure your learners will be notified when they have training to complete as a part of the assignment. Curricula offers four unique types of Notification for each assignment.  

  • Enrollment notifications inform learners when they are added to a training assignment for the first time. 

  • Completed Assignment notifications inform learners when they have completed the assignment.

New Assignment 9

  • Content Unlocked notifications inform learners when training episodes included in the assignment become available for them to complete.

  • Content Reminders notifications are delivered weekly, on the day and time selected, to learners who have not yet completed all unlocked training episodes assigned to them.

New Assignment 10

Check the boxes beside each notification you wish to enable as a part of the new assignment. Custom messages can also be added to display in each enabled notification; they are a great way to communicate any specific instructions directly to your learners.  

Next, set the beginning and ending dates for the new assignment in the ‘
Dates’ section. By default, assignments are set to launch immediately and remain available on an ongoing basis. These settings can be adjusted according to your needs by clicking the 'Change' button beside either option.  

New Assignment 11

Select the date and time of your choice to determine when the assignment will begin and end.  

New Assignment 12

The 'Settings' section allows the admin to manage how the learners interact with the assigned episodes in the learner platform. Enable ‘Restricted Navigation to require learners to complete episodes in the order they are assigned. Additionally, you can enable ‘Show Locked Content so that learners will be able to see which episodes they will need to complete in the future as a part of their assigned training.  

Creating and Editing Training Schedules 10

Lastly, wrap up the new assignment's settings by finalizing the name of the assignment under the 'Name & Description' section. All assignments need at least a Public Name, which will be displayed in the learner dashboard and the assignment's training notification emails, but admins can also add a Public Description or a Private Name and Private Description.

New Assignment 13

And if you want to discard the draft assignment, navigate to the 'Danger Zone' section and click the red 'Delete' button. Assignments that are deleted cannot be restored, so don't click the red button unless you really, really mean to.

New Assignment 14

Step 4: Launch Assignment

After completing Steps 1-3 -- adding the assignment's content, specifying the learners who will be responsible for completing it, and configuring the assignment's settings -- all that remains is to launch the new assignment.

Navigate to the top of the screen and click the purple 'Launch Assignment' button. 

New Assignment 16

That's it. The assignment will go live and your learners will receive training notifications on the date you selected.

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