Authentication Types

Curricula offers three methods for authenticating Learners so that they can get into the platform to complete training: Access Code, Magic Link, and SAML Single Sign-on.   

This article offers an overview of each authentication method, along with instructions for how to customize Curricula Group settings to your preferred option.  

Access Code

The standard (or default) authentication method for Curricula learner groups is the Access Code. An Access Code is a unique, alphanumeric code that is shared by all learners in a specific group and used to log into the Curricula platform. Learners need only copy this code from Curricula notification emails and enter it in the ‘Access Code’ line of, followed by their individual email addresses, to get to their next fun security awareness training episode.    

Magic Link

Magic Link eliminates the need for Curricula learners to use a shared code to log into the Curricula training platform. When Magic Link authentication is enabled, learners in that particular group will receive unique, single-use URLs in training notification emails that they will then either click or copy and paste into their browser, to access training. These links remain active for one hour after the notification is delivered. After that first hour, they will direct learners to a page where learners will enter their email address to request a new, active link.    

SAML Single Sign-on

As a premium option, Curricula also offers Single Sign-on (SSO) as an authentication method. Learners belonging to groups using SSO authentication need only to be logged into their work accounts to access the Curricula training platform — that’s it.   

Curricula currently offers SSO for customers using Okta and OneLogin.  

For more information on adding this feature to your Curricula account, please contact our support team or our Customer Success team directly.    

How to Change Authentication Settings

Curricula platform managers can change the authentication method for their learner groups directly from the admin platform.  

Follow the steps below to customize your authentication settings on a group-by-group basis.  

  1. Log into the admin platform.
  2. select the ‘Settings’ option from the top of the screen and then from the Learners Settings scroll down to the Groups and click 'Edit' on the title of the group whose Access Code you want to manage.
  3. Select the ‘Access’ tab from the Group’s settings.
    Access Code Authentication 5
  4. Select the dropdown under the ‘Authentication Type’ section and select the option you would like to use.
    Authentication Types 1
  5. Click ‘Update’ to save your Group settings.
    You can contact us anytime by submitting a support request using the link below: