Assignments FAQs

Curricula’s new system update, including the new Assignments feature, is an exciting step forward in the way customers will manage their Curricula programs and deliver our fun and engaging training content to learners. As with any update, questions are sure to arise as you log in and encounter the new updates for the first time.  

This article answers some of the most common questions about Curricula’s new Assignments feature, and how to manage your Curricula training program moving forward.    

Q: How do I create a training schedule in Curricula?  

A: Previously, training schedules were set using the scheduling tool located under the‘ Groups’ tab. Now you will create them as individual assignments under the‘ Assignments’ tab of the Curricula admin platform( See the ‘How to Create and Assignment’ section in our ‘Assignments: A How-To Guide’ for step-by-step instructions on how to create one from scratch.  

Q: Do I still need to use the ‘Groups’ tab now that schedules are managed under ‘Assignments’?  

A: Yes. While training schedules will now be created and managed under the‘ Assignments’ tab of the Curricula admin platform, important settings such as user authentication and directory syncing services (Okta, LDAP, Google Directory, Microsoft Graph) will continue to be managed under the Curricula‘ Groups’ tab.   

Q: Can learners be included in multiple assignments at a time?  

A: Yes! Curricula’s new ‘Assignments’ feature will allow you to include learners in multiple training assignments at the same time, even when assignments are running simultaneously.  

Q: I am not seeing the training schedules I have already set for my program. Where can I find them?  

A: As a part of the new Curricula update, in-progress and previous training schedules have been preserved and converted to assignments in the Curricula admin platform. You can find them under the ‘Assignments’ tab.  

Q: As a Curricula admin, will I need to do anything before my next round of training goes out to my learners?  

A: Yes. If you have not created a Curricula training schedule before, you will need to build and launch a new assignment for your learners to complete. See the ‘How to Create an Assignment’ section of our Assignments: A How-To Guide' for step-by-step instructions on how to create one from scratch.   

Customers who already have training schedules running will need to go to the ‘Assignments’ tab, locate their converted training assignment, and update a few settings before the next round of training will deliver to your learners. Review the audience selected from the assignment’s ‘Learners’ tab (you can even expand the audience to all learners or to a custom segment of learners), then navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab and configure the assignment dates and enable notifications. See the ‘How to Edit an In-Progress Assignment’ section of our ‘Assignments: A How-To Guide’ for instructions.  

Q: Some of the pre-built reports I’m used to seeing under the ‘Reports’ tab are not there — where can I find them now?  

A: Don’t worry, these reports are still available and can be found elsewhere in the Curricula admin platform.   

Phishing specific data and reports are now available under the ‘Phishing’ tab. Summary data drawn from all phishing campaigns run in a given year are presented in an ‘Overview’ report located below the phishing campaign history list. Results can be filtered between years to track the performance of the program as a whole over the course of time. There is also a downloadable table below where admins can track the performance of individual learners in all campaigns run in the selected year.  

Episode specific data and reports, on the other hand, are now available under their respective training assignment. Simply go to the ‘Assignments’ tab and select the assignment data you want to see. Summary data will be available on the assignment’s ‘Overview’ tab, including an overall assignment completion rate and average scores. Or on a more granular level, admins can track the progress individual learners have made from the table below. Both reports can be downloaded to either a PDF or CSV format directly from the ‘Overview’ tab.       

If you have any questions about Assignments or need technical support, please submit a support ticket using the link below -