Adding a Security Contact

Adding a Security Contact to your Curricula account will inform your Learners of where they need to go and whom they should consult to answer their security awareness-related questions. This contact should be someone within your organization — potentially an IT team member or leader — who is trusted to provide guidance and insight to your Learners as they apply their Curricula training.       

Adding a Security Contact to Curricula Training Episodes

An organizational Security Contact can easily be added to any Curricula training episode. When enabled, this contact’s information will appear on the screen at the end of an episode so that your Learners will know whom to contact to learn more about each security awareness training topic.  

How to add a Security Contact to SAT episodes from the admin platform?

1. Navigate to the 'Assignments' tab and select an in-progress (existing) assignment, Draft, or click 'Create Assignment' and give it a title like Preview. 
2. Select the Next button on the Assignment Information tab to navigate to the Select Content tab. 

3. Select the Open Content Settings Icon next to an episode, and then select the Add Security Contact button. 

4. Input your Security Contacts information and then make sure to click the Save button for the contact and then the Save & Close button for the assignment.

Follow the same steps on an episode-by-episode basis to ensure your Learners know where to go with their questions.