Access Code Authentication

Access Code is the standard (or default) authentication method for all Curricula Learner groups. These alphanumeric codes are unique to every Curricula group but shared among the Learners in each group. 
When logging in to the Curricula platform to complete training, Learners belonging to groups using Access Code authentication only need to provide their group’s shared code, along with their own email address, to access the platform.
Group Access Codes are included in all Curricula training notifications, so no need for your Learners to save or memorize their group’s code to log in. Access Codes are listed in the purple login instruction sections of Curricula training notification emails (see image below).
Access Code Authentication 1
Learners will copy their group’s Access Code from the notification email and enter it in the ‘Access Code’ line of the login screen, followed by entering their email address in the line below, to access the platform for training.
 Access Code Authentication 2

Managing and Resetting a Group’s Access Code

Curricula platform managers occasionally may need to provide a group’s Access Code to a Learner, or even to reset the code. Whatever the reason, you can manage group Access Code from the admin platform.
From the Curricula Admin platform, select the ‘Settings’ option from the top of the screen and then from the Learners Settings scroll down to the Groups and click 'Edit' on the title of the group whose Access Code you want to manage.
Access Code Authentication 3
Next, select the ‘Access’ tab and scroll down to the ‘Access Code’ section. (This section will only appear if the group’s Authentication Type is set to ‘Access Code (Standard)’.)
Access Code Authentication 5
The group’s alphanumeric Access Code is displayed in the shaded box. You can copy the code by selecting ‘Copy to clipboard’ to share it with your Learner(s). 
 Access Code Authentication 6
If you need to reset the group’s code, just click ‘Reset’ and the system will create a new Access Code for your group. Once an Access Code has been reset, all future training notification emails will include the updated Access Code.
Follow these same steps to manage Access Codes for other groups using this standard authentication method.
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    For additional information on Curricula’s group access controls, see Learner Verification and Domain Validation.